Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Social Media And The Entertainment Industry: A Necessary But Uneasy Friendship

First, I have a MAJOR announcement...

I have officially surpassed the 1000 followers mark on Twitter! I truly believe I have the most engaged followers (don't we all think that?). I follow back and engage, isn't that what its all about?

Here is a condensed acceptance speech at the 57th Academy Awards® in 1985 given by the Oscar® Award winner Sally Fields (aka The Flying Nun) for Best Actress for her performance in "Places in the Heart". 

While getting 1000 followers is no Oscar worthy performance...well, I'll just leave it to Sally to express my gratitude...

OK...maybe that was a little over the top but reaching milestones is an important part of fulfillment and achievement. Actually, this month I wanted to share some video and data on Social Media And The Entertainment Industry and how they've become very unlikely partners for your entertainment time.

First, let's look at what the "experts" say about the future in entertainment. Its always good to see what they think and what they're basing their findings on.

GigaOm reported that,"big players in TV and entertainment can capitalize on social media". This is a known fact but how can the average person using Twitter/Facebook/Google+ or any of the social media platforms "embrace and extend" on this model?

Content, Engagement and Trust are the 3 most important principles in the era of social media, social networking and social entertainment. The playing field has been leveled where you the individual, social media networks and the entertainment world can coexist as one entity in coexistence...on the interweb .

In other words, in case you were have joined...the Borg!

Its very interesting how we actually spend our time online. While traditional entertainment (TV and other pre-millenium technologies) might be winning out in overall "time spent". Social media is clearly gaining the most attentionWhere do you stand, what's your view, does this even matter (leave a comment or tweet your response to this blog post)?

Future Of Social Media Entertainment

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