Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Inspiration Can Come From Just About Anywhere [if you know where to look]

In my last post, I wrote about ambition and how its really the genesis of who we are as an individual but ambition alone cannot get you to the promised land [whatever that may mean to you]. It helps if you throw in a little bit of inspiration to see how others achieved their success.

It never hurts to be inspired by others. To be inspired by others, is to aspire for personal greatness and begin the impossible dream of a lifetime.

What does inspiration mean to you?

In today's world, simple words mean nothing, its the catchy visual mixed with compelling content that catches peoples attention. Advertisers have been struggling with this paradoxical algorithm since the dawn of humanity but its only until recently have content creation technologies and social media platforms have come together where everyone can now have a voice and create their own personal brand.

It's commonplace to see videos on YouTube but its rare to see a series of great videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Its not the great superstars of sports and entertainment that inspire us the most. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Most of the time, its from everyday people living their lives to the fullest and influencing others through positive interaction.

Inspiration Can Come From Just About Anywhere [if you know where to look]

Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything Starts With #Ambition

The interesting thing about being born is that the first emotion we acquire is ambition [to be alive is to be ambitious]. Most people remember quite clearly what their early ambitions were. As with time, things change and so do ambitions but its knowing how to nourish your ambitious pursuits is critical to being able to overcome the objections that may come along the way.

Everyone is passionate about something in their life, its what makes us who we are as an individual. Nonetheless, depending on a multitude of variables, ambition is often undermined. Most of the time, the damage is self-inflicted based on experiences we may have had, what someone said or how they reacted when you shared your ambition[s].

When we share our passions with friends and family, we're really looking for validation or affirmation of our ambition[s]. Typically, if a person hasn't reached a goal in a reasonable amount of time, we lose ambition and become discouraged. Every person has to know when to increase your personal ambition [realistically] and know when to look for other pursuits that might be more attainable [based on skill, experience and passion].

With that being said, there is one thing you should NEVER do in life and that's lose the ability to be ambitious about ANYTHING you desire. Once you lose the ability to be ambitious, you lose the ability to dream the impossible. Self-doubt becomes a very close ally and dream crusher to your ambitions. Stagnation becomes a state-of-mind which leads to discontentment. Many things can be absconded from you in life but losing your ambition is to lose the essence of your individuality and self-worth.

"You'll never fly, if you're too scared of the height."
"You'll never live if you're too scared to die.".
- Hardwell ft Heather [Bright Lights] lyrics from "Never Say Goodbye"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Much Is Your Content Worth?

No matter what line of business you're in today, you're in the content business. Understanding what kind of content is right for you is critical for your online presence. Knowing who your audience is and how to reach them effectively is the holy grail of any online strategy. The trouble with creating content is there aren't any definitive road maps to creating content. Every individual, every website, every blog has its own way of engaging online.

However, there are content creation fundamentals and some well known roads that have been traveled by many that can help navigate the world of content creation.

Storytelling is a big part of how we communicate. Marketers and advertisers know how do this very well but how do you become a storyteller? How do you get your story told? Most successful artists like singers, rappers, actors and comedians are incredible storytellers. Its how we construct the story and convey the content is how we reach our audience.

To answer the question,"how much is your content worth"? That depends on what the perceived value is to the customer. Value or worth does not always equate to $$$ in your pocket. Content creation is in the realm of branding and brand identity which is more powerful than a few dollars in your pockets. Having identifiable content that has been crafted to the needs of your audience is worth its weight in gold.

Most people have a pretty good idea of what they want to say but how to say it and say it effectively is the problem most seem to have. Since EVERYONE has an online presence these days, its really about knowing what social media platforms work best and seeking like-minded individuals willing to share your content.

There are many types of people who work in this space [or profession] and finding the right person to share your vision is critical to your success. You may not hire this person but knowing the character types can help you make critical decisions when the time is right.

The Many Faces of Content Marketing

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Please Subscribe: An Intimate Look Into The Lives of YouTubers [Content Creators]

There once was a time [which seems very long ago] when people would watch their favorite shows on cable and record them on a DVR provided by their cable provider.

At the time, this was cutting edge technology because you didn't have to "catch the show" at its initial broadcasting [you could record it and view the show at your convenience].

Then one day, a video-sharing website created by 3 guys called YouTube would "flip the script" and change the way we consume media. Now, YOU can be the star of your own show [and the set can be anywhere you can setup a video recorder or webcam].

Sounds like fun to me but the reality is creating compelling content is very much like producing a show on TV or for theatre. It takes a lot of imagination and even more selflessness to be vulnerable to the world.

Ever thought about creating your own YouTube content but wondered what the life is really like?  

Take a look at Please Subscribe.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How Motivated Are You: Understanding The Science Of #Motivation

Motivation. A word that has varied interpretation with so many different people. In reality, either your cup runneth over or there's a lack there of. Regardless of how full or empty your cup is, motivation equates to work. The kind of work that takes time, energy, planning and perseverance [the kind most people hate].

So what really motivates you to reach your goals? In most cases, there's a cash payout at the end of a task [or a series of tasks] but is that truly why we do what we do?

Often, the true genesis of our motivation is not what you think. Recently, I've been wanting to start running again to achieve a certain goal. I downloaded apps, looked left and right for running partners but came up short in the end. Eventually, I had to "walk the plank" [figuratively] and it was one of the most uplifting experiences to eventually muster the motivation and start a new goal.

Understanding why we do what we do and what motivates us is extremely important in helping you find the true meaning of motivation [and what it means to you].

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hot On Your Trail: #Privacy, Your #Data, and Who Has Access to It

Privacy is one of those issues that you rarely care about unless it affects you personally [or someone you know]. Truth of the matter, there are individuals [in the wild and some you may know] who are attempting to access your private data and knowing how that data is accessed is the most importantly part of defeating data thieves.

Why someone would steal your data is as varied as the type of persons who would want access to your data. What you think is harmless data can be quite useful for an Internet marketer, black hat hacker or jilted Ex [gf, spouse, former friend].

I ran this "Hot On Your Trail' video in a previous post but I found it very informative and useful to think about how careless we are with our personal data. Mobile data is the easiest data to access because we install apps that use the API's of both social media networks and/or mobile operating systems which give them full administrative access to your devices [in most cases].

You don't have to be a network admin or work for the Geek Squad to go through your devices and see who has access to your device to review their privileges. Do they really need the level of access you authorized on your various devices?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Honest Liars -- The Psychology Of Self-Deception

Honesty is one of the hardest thing to consistently achieve as adults. To be honest is to go against the current trend of being dishonest. When was the last time someone was dishonest with you and you conveniently rationalized your emotions to avoid the negative feelings?

We encounter dishonesty on a day-to-day basis. After seeing this TEDTalk by Cortney S. Warren, it made me think about how we all are sometimes dishonest about the truth in our lives.

Often, we would rather be dishonest instead of telling the truth because "what they don't know won't hurt em", right?


There comes a times in everyone's life where we must face the truth and accept who we are instead of hiding behind dishonesty and deception. We're all at fault, no fingers to point or person to blame.

Seeking inner truth is hard work, its dirty work. Rarely is there a friend or associate who says that being honest is the right thing to do [misery loves company]. Moreover, hard decisions around honesty delve into the character of the person. We'd all like to think that what we see in our lives is the truth but often its just a smoke screen or an illusion.

In conclusion, when you dig deep within yourself and stop self-deceptive practices, its easier to make positive life choices. Deception starts within, having the strength, experience and fortitude to overcome deception in our lives is a life skill worth mastering.

                                                      Power Of Persuasion