Sunday, April 5, 2015

2015 Online Marketing Trends [and beyond]

Every year it seems online marketers are coming up with new and exciting way to get closer to our money. Amazon just launched the Dash Button and you can rest assure that if Dash is a hit other marketers will come up with their own Dash alternatives.

Trends, by nature, come and go but some trends have a significant impact and create entirely new markets. Amazon's Dash Button is hoping to do just that.

Push button shopping is nothing new but having it in the home and next day delivery is. This is the first time in history where consumers are welcoming innovative way for retailers to get product into the hands of consumers. In addition, new technologies in marketing not only help marketers but saves time and in most cases money so people can get the most out of their busy 24 hours.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Do You Know Your ABC's?

With a catchy title like "Do You Know Your ABC's, you probably thought this was going to be a reminder of making sure you knew how to recite the English language alphabet from A to Z, right?

Actually, its a little different kind of reminder because in our hectic schedules, we can often forget some of the fundamental soft skills that got us where we are today. Which I hope is some form of success or happiness.

In a highly digitized modern world where entire planes go missing [Bermuda Triangle style] and NBC News "is not the name you can trust". Its easy to forget who we are as individuals when there's so much going on around us.

There's a time tested saying in Sales that says, "you should never forget your ABC's". These ABC's are not the alphabet type but the (A)lways (B)e (C)losing type. For those whose native tongue is in the English language, as a child we would play with little blocks that represented the alphabet or sang our ABC's in classroom. There's a reason why you do this often as a child because its all about practice because "practice makes perfect".

Knowing your ABC's can make all the difference in life regardless of your profession or ambitions. You don't have to be in Sales to know your ABC's and its one of the easiest things to master through consistent practice. Moreover, its also one of the fundamental oversights when we question our lives and wonder why things aren't going our way.

Like any other year, New Year's resolutions were made and forgotten, thanks to the heightened sense of time our constantly updating smartphones provide us. If there's one simple thing you can do regularly to make sure you achieve your goals in 2015 is to make sure that you should ALWAYS BE CLOSING in life.

The clip below is a harsher [and sometimes] more effective approach to the (A)LWAYS (B)E (C)LOSING mantra [thanks to Alec Baldwin's inspirational monologue].

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Season's Greetings And A Few 2015 Predictions

What will you remember of 2014?

Unfortunately, many of us will remember it for an unreleased movie that upset a hermit dictator and protests against police brutality across a nation [The United States Of America]. The one thing about technology is that it cannot remedy social issues and ONLY people working hand-in-hand can resolve these conundrums. As glum as this may seem, there is always light at the end of a tunnel and many good things will come from the events of 2014.

Predictions are fun and have been a tradition in most cultures for millennia. In times of strife and uncertainty, prediction gives us hope for a better tomorrow. However, when it comes to world of technology, marketing and advertising, there's very little guesswork as nothing comes to market without extensive testing. Moreover, its the market that will determine how successful a product or service will be and predicting how those markets will react is where prediction comes in.

I predict that content creators along with mobile advertisers will create compelling mobile video content. In addition, the mobile phone [not the tablet] will dramatically drop in price but will come with more features/functionality making it easier and safer for more people to purchase products/services via their smartphones.

It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together in 2015 as change is happening at the speed of light.

Season's Greetings to ALL and may you have a prosperous 2015...

5 Advertising Predictions for 2015 [Infographic]

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Case For Why You Need An Animated Explainer Video

Have you had someone try to explain a concept or idea to you and just lose interest? Maybe they're not the best at storytelling or keeping people engaged [no fault of theirs]. This is the conundrum of what it's like trying to keep your attention directed in the very noisy world of advertising and marketing.

Like all mediums of communication, there are some trends that are resilient and proven effective [attractive people, cute animals and humor]. However, there's something called "explainer videos" that have been making extraordinary headway in the way you learn about new products and services.

Explainer videos are not necessarily new but have been making their way into broadcast tv by using well-known voice over talent or actors and because they are much cheaper to produce than your typical commercial. To give you some background, internet companies and tech startups were the first to truly embrace explainer video because it was a great way to capture the culture and brand of an organization.

The strength in explainer videos are that they equalize the playing field with your competition.

Have you ever gone to a website only to be underwhelmed by its landing page or find it hard to truly understand why you need to use their product/service because its text heavy and the images are uninspired?

Explainer videos comes in all shapes and sizes. Most use simplistic animation and a bit of humor to convey what could be mundane information into highly engaging content. A great explainer video will capture your attention right away and if they're really good, you'll share them [which many have gone viral].

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Digital and #SocialMedia Marketing Trends [2014 and beyond]

2014 has come and it's almost gone but what will this year be remembered for? Wearable technologies like Google Glass and other not-yet-to-be-released technology that's BIG on hype but low on functionality? Often, companies and consumers alike need a down year or two to find their way in a global technological race that has no end in the foreseeable future.

Instagram has had an incredible year as the social media platform of choice for millennials, celebrities and anyone else looking to have more to say than 140 characters. However, don't close out your Twitter account just yet because Twitter is still the [800 lb gorilla] branding/social media/marketing platform juggernaut to be reckoned with.

Moving forward, some people love it and others loathe it. The U.S. holidays are almost here and mobile marketing is definitely going to play a huge role this holiday season. Consumers looking for exciting new products and advertisers will reach their customers, all in the palm of their hands.

Looking back at 2014, this'll be the 1st year mobile will play a truly significant role in consumer product education, entertainment and the combination of the two.  Looking forward to 2015, don't forget Youtube because some of the "Stars Of Youtube" will become strange bedfellows in content creation as they partner to combine entertainment with cutting-edge mobile marketing to find its way into the hearts and mind of the new mobile global consumer.


Monday, November 3, 2014

When Is The Best Time [On Average] To Be An #Entrepreneur?

Anytime is the best time to be an entrepreneur [regardless of age] but being realistic, it never hurts to look at the numbers to see when people are at their best. Looking at the infographic below, one may think they're either too young or past their prime but this is just an average based on a set number of cases researched.

With data, it's best to review, see what's relevant in your circumstance and move forward as not everything will pertain to you precisely but it's always good to have valid information as you can fine tune your knowledge as you gain more experience.

Entrepreneurship is not just about business and financial gain but is a continuous state of mind that needs constant validation to remain at optimum performance. For many years, people have asked the question, "where do [good] ideas come from"? Surprisingly, this is a very personal question because if you reflect for just a moment and ask yourself the same question, its quite likely  at your most vulnerable moments alone. Its no secret that entrepreneurs do their best thinking in solitude.

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs tend to be emotionally introverted and are extremely deep thinkers. Its turning these tendencies of deep thought into action that remain the hardest part. Often, it's easy to get discouraged when you have an idea or dream, as we let others influence our paths but ultimately you must take hold of your own dreams regardless of what others might say, think or do. You [and only you] hold the key to your own dreams regardless of how young or old you are.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

When Is It Time to Give Up On Your Dreams?

When we are innocent, young and inexperienced in life, we dream the impossible dream. In this period in our lives, we don't have the stigmas and social barriers placed upon us as we get older. In essence, we learn to stop dreaming because of outside forces exerting their influence upon us. Why this happens varies based on gender, education, socio-economics, the list of reasons are boundless.

Let's get something straight, "dreaming" is not about having a Ferrari, owning the biggest house on the block or any other material possession. Dreaming is about being able to have a simple notion and believing you can achieve whatever it is you wish to do.

This may sound easy enough but in reality, millions of people never have a chance to dream or they decide that dreams should remain exactly that, somewhere in thought but not in reality. As we get older, we are conditioned to dream less and be more practical in our goals. We all can think of a reason to give up on our dreams, the real fight is in not succumbing to the forces of our day-to-day realities.

People are held back from their dreams for many different reasons but the #1 reason they didn't realize their dream was...THEY GAVE UP. To be fair, the majority of people who've had real dreams gave up too soon or didn't find alternate routes to the same goal. Dream building has no time limits and is a continuous process that in some cases may take a lifetime.

It is a known fact in life that you will fail [at doing a lot of things] most of the time but being able to learn from those failures is critical towards the achievement of your dreams of tomorrow. Many people live their entire lives chasing dreams but never learn that you must be flexible. Often, having a dream coming to fruition is closer than you think but most give up too soon because "the dream" is not coming the way they envisioned it.

Dreams never come true the way they are dreamt.

There are many different paths to a destination and having the creativity, the fortitude to withstand difficult situations [over a long period of time] and the ability to reinvent yourself when you fail are all key skills you will need to achieve greatness.

You may not have heard of Maysoon Zayid [she's dreams BIG]. She has Cerebral palsy, which for some would be an instant dream crusher. We all have disabilities, some more obvious than others but one thing that Maysoon never did was give up on her dreams.

                             Age Never Got In The Way Of These Dreamers