Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Be A Billionaire [Or Die Trying]

In today's global economy, it's not OK just "making it to get by" because its getting harder for the average person to "make it" to get by.

[Disclaimer] This is not communist/socialist propaganda or a plot to overthrow the government.

Just a commentary on the socio-economics of today.

With that being said, "is this the reason why so many people are interested in entrepreneurship and starting up their own business"? With 401K's being something of the past, many see large enterprise organizations or LORGS [Boeing, General Electric or GM] as a surefire way to early impoverishment?

Sometimes you find a small grain of the future by looking in the past.

This time in music.

To give you some perspective on the song below, Apple debuted The Macintosh one year earlier and aired this commercial during the Super Bowl.

What did people know in 1984 about the socio-economics of today?

Was this a prediction of the future to come?

ABC was on to something when they released "How To Be A Millionaire".

"I've seen the future, I can't afford it..." [lyrics from English Synth Pop group, ABC]

2014 Forbes Billionaire Facts & Figures

Now that you've read how fabulously rich these guys are [and you're not]. Let's take a look at how wealth is not always a good thing for ALL people. Moreover, without wealth, how can one be inspired by others to achieve greatness in their own lives or help those that need a hand to rise above economic inequalities?

There is no one answer to this very complex global phenomenon. One thing we can say is that wealth and poverty has been around since the birth of civilization. There will be those that prosper and those that may not necessarily win the birth lottery.

How do you feel about your chances for success or economic greatness?

In today's society, is success being a millionaire or billionaire?

Only you can answer that question.

[The animated infographic below is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as a political statement]

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Get More Out Of #Google

Google is like a runaway train these days. Seems like everyday you read about them bringing a new product to consumers.

Stay tuned because Google Glass will hit the market this year.

Like it or not...it's already a pioneer in wearable technology.

Once again, the world is about to go through another technological paradigm shift, thanks to Google.

Where were you on September 4, 1998?

Most people don't know the answer to this question but I'm sure Larry Page and Sergey Brin know exactly where they were.

This is the day Google was founded [and Google Search went live]. Even though it seems like search engines have been around for millennia, the technology is less than 2 decades old.

As a technology company, Google has come such a long way in a relatively short amount of time [Moore's Law]. They have inspired the tech industry in counts ways and myriad technology entrepreneurs have used their development tools to create their own startups.

Google has pioneered many technologies that we use on a daily basis but do you really understand the fundamentals of how Google Search and Google Apps work?

The concept of search is relatively simple but the brilliance behind creating search engines that work well is genius. To use a search engine to its fullest, it's good to know how it works to give you a better understanding of how your next search is performed.

Just when you think we've reached a technological summit, Google never cease to amaze and wonder us with practical technology that's easily adopted and localized for global consumption. It doesn't take a futurist to predict that Google is the future and technologies of the tomorrow are being created today in Mountain View, California.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Effect and Meaning Of Colors

Everyday, in the visual world, we live our lives by the colors we see through our eyes. Color can tell us if something is good to eat [or not] based on the color of the product.

Color determines how we move in traffic. 
Green is for GO. Yellow is for CAUTION. Red is for STOP.

Think of the fashion industry and how color defines an entire season of clothing. Designers see color in an entirely different way than the average person. Color sets the emotional fortitude of an evening dress or the pizzazz of a multicolored scarf is an essential accessory for the sartorial.

What does color mean in marketing? Does color really matter to you when you buy a new jacket, a car or pair of shoes.

You bet it does. 

Color plays a significant roll in every decision we make throughout our day and eventually throughout our entire lives.

In history, man has used color to unify [with flags] and also separate [with borders]. Color is one of those things we live with day-to-day and is being used more as a visualization tool instead of words.

Its a lots easier to communicate with colors on a map than text. 

Unfortunately, color has a dark side, as color was often used to oppress. Every country on this planet has had a negative relationship with the human side of color. You can look around and see color in everything you do.

In the future, I look forward to a world that isn't colorless but more colorful.

The Meaning Of Colour In Marketing

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Science Of #Persuasion

Persuasion is a word often misunderstood. When we hear the word "persuasion", hypnosis comes to mind, like we have no control over our thoughts, but that too is a leading misconception.

You've heard or seen many self-help books who cover the so-called, "Art Of Persuasion". Titles covering this topic are often grouped within the meta arts or areas lesser associated with scientific fact but in the anomalous.

These books will teach you the nuance and skill to breakthrough mental objectives but what are the known scientific facts on persuasion?

In the video you are about to watch, there has been significant research in how persuasion is used in our daily lives [moreover, how to persuade ethically]. We never think persuasion is negative when we are the ones persuading [influencing] others. Its when we're being persuaded or influenced negatively [not by our own choosing] that we take a more discerning look at persuasion.

Corporations, businesses and governments want to understand more about persuasion because when we learn how to influence and persuade effectively, we learn how to succeed in our lives. We learn what people are willing to accept. We learn that when we have the proper approach and our message has resonance, anything is possible.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How #Brands Are #Advertising Online Through Causes [#socialbranding]

Everyone has something to say online, even your favorite brands are getting in on the action. You can SaveTheWhales, SaveTheChildren or SaveALife.

In the past, companies stayed far away from political topics or anything dealing in controversy. Now, they're being chastised for not having a stance on social issues that matter to their customers.

Of course, this is a very slippery slope and can easily backfire if you push the edge too far. The key to being edgy with social branding is to be honest and sincere with your approach.

People see through fluff and the moment they spot it.

You're done.

Game over.

You've missed the target and there's egg on your face.

Social branding is about being in touch with the issues, your customers and showing them that you care about the same issues they read and share everyday.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good Habits Are Hard To Make

They say, "bad habits are hard to break" but maybe its should read, "good habits are hard to make"?

Here's another one.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

These are fun colloquialisms to convey an idea or concept but they speak volumes about how we perceive our surroundings.

How you look at things or your perception of your environment has more to do with your success than you think.

Ok, one more..."humans are creatures of habit".

This statement might be more familiar and truthfully based on scientific research. We know that as we develop our personalities in the developmental years, we form certain character traits. Those traits lead on to how we are influenced and what habits we are more prone to develop [good or bad] later in life.

How do we know what habits are good or bad for us?

How can we develop the habits of [financially] successful people?

There are no definitive answers to these questions but there are certain habits and traits that people who have gained financial success all share. Maybe its not money but a certain behavior you'd like to modify?

One thing is for certain, we all want to be better at who we are but we can never change the person we've become.

Richest People

Monday, February 3, 2014

How To Self-Promote...[Without Being A Jerk]

Self-promotion can be hazardous for some and effortless for others. There is an invisible line of self-promotion that some see well, while others go over with reckless abandon like a speeding driver on an icy road [an accident waiting to happen].

If you have to think about how you're going to promote yourself, then you might need a professional to help you determine what your strong points are based on your objectives/goals. On the other hand, if you ooze with confidence, you're the life of the party [without being overbearing] or have experience in a particular subject matter, self promotion comes naturally.

However, there are those moments were we want to shine brightly but have anxieties or others deficiencies that hinder us from truly being the best we can be [when it counts]. Even the best speakers, performing artists or persons in leadership know that we must ALWAYS be self promoting to gain [or maintain] the confidence of those we interact with.

Often, self promotion is associated with "selling things" but that could be farthest from the truth. When people buy from YOU, it's really not the product they are buying. They're purchasing from you because of your ability to confidently "self promote" yourself, the organization and whatever product or service you're merchandising.

Self-promotion is not about "pushing products" but about being the REAL you. Not the person selling Brand X or your book/music. Its about letting people inside and discovering what makes you tick and the wonderment of discovery when we're introduced to a dynamic personality.