Monday, March 28, 2016

Why Use Video?

For the past several years, there's been article after article about the emergence of content creation and the YouTube revolution. Looking back at the last 2 holiday seasons, marketers have been "going mobile" and using YouTube content creators to market/review their products with a vengeance. Who uses Yelp anymore when you can go on YouTube and find a review on just about anything.

On the device side of mobile over the past 3 years the shift has gone from laptop to tablet and back to the mobile phone. Turns out that consumers really prefer using one device that's capable of doing it all from making a flawless phone, stream a movie in HD and play your favorite mobile game all in one device.

Consumer analysts over the past several years have been trying to figure out how to market products to consumers and found out that the best marketers are the consumers themselves. Give them the product or service [and a camera] and let them share their experience through social media video platforms. Not only does this work for major corporations but for the small guy too. Sometimes all you need is a decent camera, good lighting and a great personality that can capture the audience.

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