Monday, January 4, 2016

What Will 2016 Mean To You?

Well, we're here...2016 has arrived, with little to no fanfare. From my research, most people in business were looking forward to the end of the 4th quarter because 2015 has been a somewhat lackluster year. Moreover, mobile is still going strong but less on the hardware side and more on the mobile app dev/mobile content perspective.

Businesses large, medium and small are vying for new ways to reach their customers. Of course, the big boys have more money to spend on mobile app development but its the smaller players that often come up big in creativity and hit their mark.

The question we all should be asking ourselves is,"What will 2016 mean To Me"? What is it going to take to get my idea, product or service to the next level? What are the hurdles both personally and professionally that will prevent me from achieving the goals you've laid out in 2016?

Let's take a look at some Marketing and Business trends for 2016.

Happy New Year's to all and dream BIG...   :)

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