Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Power Of Visual Content

If you think back and ponder the thought visual content really began with the invention and mass production of the television. It was truly revolutionary and everyone felt a necessity to have one. It became the platform of choice to receive news, information and entertainment.

In today's information at the speed of light era, we take visual content for granted but can you imagine what it was like to see a television for the 1st time [must have been other worldly]? Can you remember when you first received your 1st Internet enabled mobile phone? 

In the early days visual content creation, it was really encouraged that you have some formal background in writing, literature and a sprinkling of marketing experience. That's all very 20th century. In the new millennium, video social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram have changed who can create visual content. In its infancy, there were many nay-sayers who said, "it would never work". In some way they were right because it was they who did not fully understand the versatility and power of the medium. 

In essence, they didn't know how to harness this new tool to reach their intended audience.

There is a visual content revolution happening as we speak but is being overlooked because of the sheer speed at which it is happening. This uncertainty and long term unpredictability in trends is also known as Chaos Theory.

One thing you can bet on is that visual content is here to stay and as long as humanity progresses so will the progression of visual content creation.

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