Friday, October 28, 2016

Prediction: Mega Brands Unite in 2017

Fall 2016 has officially arrived. In 60 days, 2016 will be an afterthought. Everyone is thinking, "It's time for the "big push" to end the year out strong! However, there's some big players out there who want to take this idea to a whole new level.

If you haven't heard, AT&T and Time Warner are in the early stages of a possible merger. These 2 mega brands in some way or another have a tremendous influence on marketers, advertisers and consumers.

In addition to this media news, US Presidential Election 2016 is a little over 1 week away and the world is watching on the edge of their seats like an episode of Kieffer Sutherland's cliff hanger action series 24.

You have to hand it the the CEO's because the timing is impeccable. In case you've forgotten, this is how 1st Quarter 2016 started economically.

If you actually watched the entire video it was a rough ride and analysts were skeptical on how we would pull  through. Looking forward, this deal is probably the last thing on EVERYBODY'S mind as we go into 2017. However, they are not the only one who's thinking of getting cozy under the sheets.

Dr. Patrick Dixon, is a world class speaker, author and futurist. According to his theory, the bigger corporations get, we as consumers worry that we may be losing our identity. However, the key to making global deals is an old adage we all know.

"Think Global and Act Local".

In conclusion, if this deal is successful [and it will] this will be a green light for other medium to large brands to find a way to come together because in reality there's only so many slices you can get out of a cherry pie.

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