Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You A Writer? Do You Have The Next Great #Comedy Series Or Children's Show Already Written?

Ok comedy and children show writers. Here's a serious chance to break a leg! You know, get your big shot in showbiz. Well, its not showbiz in the Hollywood sense but showbiz in the online web series variety (which will be the new Hollywood in about 20 years).

If you're not familiar with Amazon Studios then you might want to start by reading further. Amazon is branching out from e-books, tablets and groceries. They're quite serious about becoming content providers.

Since I already live in New Hollywood (aka Seattle), its easy for me to get the latest news about what Amazon is up to. In this vibrant digital era, its becoming easier for writers, artists and content creators (producers) to get their material into the right hands and option a deal.

To make my point, Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Records provides insight and advice on the various opportunities for artists to reach their markets.

Now about that Comedy series or Children's show you wanted to submit to Amazon?


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