Friday, November 2, 2012

The Future Of #OnlineVideo, How To Produce #Content And You

Let's get straight to the point. People like watching other people do wacky things on video but are horrified of being in front of a camera themselves. However, the numbers are indicating that more of you are getting over your fear of being camera shy.

comScore revealed that 77 percent of US Internet users came together to watch 12.7 billion videos over the past year, with each user watching an averaged total of 273 minutes of online video.

Corporate brands have discovered that online video is compelling and a great way to engage with their audience/customers. Kraft launched a Cooking Video Challenge that gave people a reason to engage with the Kraft brand. Cooking aficionados were asked to choose one of Kraft’s recipes and then create a video of themselves preparing the dish.

Video storytelling at its worst can be pedestrian and uninventive. The best video steps away from traditional storytelling techniques to create video that is both captivating and captures the subject. When shooting and editing your video, consider how other elements such as audio and various framing techniques can be used to enhance the story or send a message to the viewer.

We are all storytellers. Determine the story it is you want to tell.

Here are some helpful tips on "How To Be Youtube Saavy In 60 Seconds".
  • Know what works.
  • Build a consistent series

  • Tentpole your programming

  • Keep people engaged. Keep it short, hook them early, and remember that passion supersedes production values. 

  • Collaborate

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