Saturday, December 1, 2012

#Content Creation: The Old And The You

Have you ever thought about how online content is created? It's no longer happens like in this vintage picture you see to your left. Today, information is social and a lot more dynamic.

With the emergence of social media, blogging and other media platforms, content can literally fall into your lap or should I say laptop, tablet or mobile phone?

In today's market, Content does not feel like "The News at 6". Having content variety, style and quality presentation are all critical factors in how content is received by your audience. The look and feel of the content prompts your community to engage and share.

This is the power of social media.

YouTube instantly comes to mind because they really were the first ones to take YOUR content and package it in a way people found highly entertaining. Thought about doing video but don't have a "high end camera? No worries, if you have a smart phone [in this case an iPhone], editing software and some creativity, you just became a content creator.

Lastly, its always good to have a road map on how to get started. Looking for ideas? Copyblogger wrote a great blog post titled "21 Way To Create Compelling Content" where they share their ideas on curating content, creativity and how to take your ideas from concept to reality.

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