Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#ContentCreation: The True Cost Of A Web Series

What is content creation?

It could be any visual content for a website, blog or in this case, a web series.

Everyone is talking about content creation but little is known about how to create compelling content.

Content creating is a mashup of many different disciplines and few seem to have the necessary skills but that's changing. If you haven't heard about Video Game High School aka VGHS, its been one of the breakout hit channels on YouTube.

I know, it may not be your demographic but you can learn a lot if you can get past some of the Uber-campiness and tween-talk. Content creation impresario Freddie Wong [aka FreddieW] is a pioneer in the field and I have no doubt that he is on track to bring the "next big thing" online as he develops his skill set in the art of storytelling.

Also, Makers Studio has an impressive roster of content creators and will be adding some traditional media talent in the coming months. YouTube is not only creating a "second screen" but for some talent, network and music personalities, it will be a "second life" for their career.  

Still want to be a content creator? Hope you have tons of creativity, lots of friends and some extra cash wouldn't hurt either. Like any creative endeavor, having passion for the subject helps and a built-in community to draws ideas from is essential.

Creating content is much like launching any type of media event and there are many components to creating a successful venture. The hard part is creating a model that is compelling to your audience and your ability to replicate the process.

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