Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mythbusting: Engineering A #ViralVideo

Seems like everywhere you look on the Internet everyone except YOU has the secret to:

  • Getting More Followers
  • Better Engagement


  • How To Engineer A Viral Video

Andy Warhol said it best, "In The Future, Everyone Will Be Famous For 15 Minutes".

How did Andy know that there would be a YouTube in the future, giving everyone a chance to be famous for 15 minutes?

Maybe we should look back further in the past to see what's in store for the future?

Maybe we should not think of going viral as this massive event but as successfully reaching your audience in a more targeted fashion?

You would expect to see good videos from seasoned marketers but some of the best content/videos I've seen this year are from recording artist, people in the entertainment industry

Why you ask?

  • Content is compelling\entertaining
  • They know their audience and want to connect with their followers
  • Not afraid to reach out and network online

Engineering a Viral Video is myth busted, there is no way to engineer a viral video. However, there are some key indicators and tips on how to create the best content possible to reach YOUR target audience.

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