Monday, May 20, 2013

How Bright Is the Future Of Social?

Ever ask yourself, "How bright is my digital future?" You have your social media platforms of choice but it really comes down to time management. How much time do I want [or need] to commit to in order to get what you want out of my effort?

Here's a big secret of social media. Don't look at it as an ROI thing but look at it like how you meet new people.

Not everyone you meet is going to be able to "help you along the way" but having a "collective" of associations of generally like minded individuals is more powerful than one person could ever be. Rarely, is there one person you might meet who is going to be able to change your life.

Regardless of your ambitions, having industry knowledge is essential to your continued success. Knowing hot trends and predicting your future [right or wrong] is a skill you must use in order to be prepared for new opportunites.

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