Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Like Trends...

Trends. We hear this word all the time. Matter of fact, since the explosion of "social media", trending has become part of the lexicon. I've had a fascination with trends for quite some time. Trends can help us not only predict the no-so-distant future but assist us in making better personal or professional business decisions. Trends are a measure or indicator of things to come. It might not exactly be what you see today but some manifestation of the original idea that comes to fruition.

We can learn about business opportunities, ourselves and other cultures through trending data. Why do people in China prefer one mobile device over another more popular brand? Why a certain genre of music is on the rise globally? Trending data is not for the statisticians, professors or economists of the world any longer. Its becoming critical information in many businesses to know what the future might bring and to be ready for those changes as they occur.  

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