Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#SteveJobs Talks About #Branding

An inconvenient truth about great pioneers in most fields is that people don't really hear them until they're gone. This notion frustrated Steve Jobs greatly. To a point where he was known for being a not-so-great-guy at times.

This affected his personal brand and may have been one of the many reasons why Apple almost became nonexistent in the late 80's.

Amongst being a great engineer, Steve was even better at knowing how to brand products. He knew his company [almost to a fault] and he knew that its products were not created for the ordinary user. The Apple brand was special, not just another computational device hitting a rapidly growing computer market. Apple was a company creating a unique brand of products for people creating extraordinary things.

Steve loved to teach. If you listened and exercised the knowledge he shared. The world would be yours. In this rare clip, Steve is giving a masterclass on branding. Looking back, we can all agree that Steve Jobs was a great mind and his legacy will continue to live on for generations.

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