Saturday, September 14, 2013

How #Twitter And #Television [As We Know It] Will Merge

It was bound to happen. Change is the only constant in life and really its not a bad thing at all. Twitter like most of the popular social networks will begin to sell advertising. I mentioned in a previous post that "sales happen".

If you want to continue enjoying the "free" aspect of using social media, there has to be a win for those providing the service.

In my opinion, when television execs talk about enhanced television experience, they had no idea that social media would be that enhancement. There isn't a program on television today that doesn't have a hashtag or have some form of social media outreach [matter of fact, it's now essential to any tv programs success].

Social media is the best thing to happen on the planet since the invention of the car or telephone. It provides a way to learn new things, meet new people and expand your universe in ways you never thought possible.

TV and Twitter is a marriage made in heaven and in the words of Martha Stewart," It's A Good Thing".

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