Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Fight Stage Fright...BOO!

October by far is the scariest time of the year [in the United States] because we celebrate Halloween on October 30th but there is something even more scarier than witches, haunted houses and youngsters in costume trick or treating

Stage fright.

Yes, the thought of speaking in front of people you don't know can be frightening. Some times worse than others. Taking from experience, the most frightening times are when you are asked to speak suddenly and provide explanation or analysis to a problem.

The origins of fright are deep rooted and primeval. It's been said that even the world biggest entertainers and world leaders suffer from stage fright from time to time. How about YOU? When was the last time you spoke in front of a group of people and experienced anxiety so frightening, you thought the experience would never end?

You don't have to run any further. Confront your fear and know that your fear is within and is as silly as the boogie man that we all thought that came out when the lights turned off in our rooms as children.


           Try These 10 FRIGHTENING Steps To Reduce Stage Fright

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