Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Honest Liars -- The Psychology Of Self-Deception

Honesty is one of the hardest thing to consistently achieve as adults. To be honest is to go against the current trend of being dishonest. When was the last time someone was dishonest with you and you conveniently rationalized your emotions to avoid the negative feelings?

We encounter dishonesty on a day-to-day basis. After seeing this TEDTalk by Cortney S. Warren, it made me think about how we all are sometimes dishonest about the truth in our lives.

Often, we would rather be dishonest instead of telling the truth because "what they don't know won't hurt em", right?


There comes a times in everyone's life where we must face the truth and accept who we are instead of hiding behind dishonesty and deception. We're all at fault, no fingers to point or person to blame.

Seeking inner truth is hard work, its dirty work. Rarely is there a friend or associate who says that being honest is the right thing to do [misery loves company]. Moreover, hard decisions around honesty delve into the character of the person. We'd all like to think that what we see in our lives is the truth but often its just a smoke screen or an illusion.

In conclusion, when you dig deep within yourself and stop self-deceptive practices, its easier to make positive life choices. Deception starts within, having the strength, experience and fortitude to overcome deception in our lives is a life skill worth mastering.

                                                      Power Of Persuasion

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