Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Good Are You At "Making Friends And Influencing People"?

Have you ever really thought about this question in the title of this post? There are many different ways to be social. In an earlier time, being "social" was not really a "good thing". It typically meant someone was socially awkward and rarely observed social boundaries that people cherish so dearly but that has dramatically changed in the past few years.Now, if you're not social in some form, people might think there's something wrong with you...socially. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you asked them, "what social network are you on"? They reply,"Yeah...I don't really DO social media".There's this peculiar awkwardness like you just asked them for their social security number. Yes, times have changed and the wiser move is to wait for people to "bring up" their social platform of choice. Its almost like you have to wait for the "social cue" to talk about being socialHave you ever made a real friend over a social network? Not the fake BFF type but a real person with blood in their veins type of friend?Regardless if you made a real friend or not. Marketers and advertising agencies want to help you with this very socially awkward process.With that being said, take a look at We Are Social's slideshare presentation on...

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