Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Difficult Decisions In Life.

As you know, making tough decisions are never easy to do. Often, we are confronted with decisions that can be life changing in a positive way or have severe consequences. How does one feel confident in making decisions that will impact others? I'm not a indecisive person but I often think about how I get to the point where I'm sure I'm making the right decision.

Most people thinking about it for a while or even talk to friends or family. I've found this can be helpful but , you do a cost benefit analysis, analyze the pros and cons.

Make your decision.

I've made some very difficult decisions in the last month and in the next week, I'm going to realize if the decision I made, was the best decision to make. Actually, its a bit terrifying and I hope that everything works out for the best.

Only time will tell.

Its nothing too serious but there is tremendous anticipation and uncertainty. Also, there is the unknown variable involved with meeting new people, traveling and being in unfamiliar territory. As the clock ticks, Zero Hour grows closer to where you have to commit 100% or fall short of committing 100% to yourself.

Ultimately, I had to stand up and challenge myself to push the envelope. I didn't settle for what I knew would be safe. Instead, I took the high road. It was tough but I'm pleased that I've pushed myself through the process because if I don't make the one else is going to make it for me.

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