Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Is In The Air...

Let me start off by giving credit to my good friend and amazing photographer (you know who you are) who took this fantastic photo of Tulips in her garden. I was in that garden and the flowers had not yet bloomed but what change a week makes.

The weather over the weekend was the first real indication that spring has arrived. How much I love spring and what it represents.

Spring represents the real "New Year". The profound natural beauty the year ahead will bring. Everything just seems better in spring (if you know what I mean).

Spring is a time to evaluate. Its when you think about where you're at, where you want to be and you make a plan to get there. Ultimately, spring is a time of reflection and we recognize that time goes by.

Spring Flowers ~ Tulips

Tulips shyly smiling, greet the spring
Tightly closed when at 
First we meet
Tulips slowly opening, begin to sing
Gaining volume 
Ever sweet 

No longer shy, as days grow longer, 
Raising their heads 
They begin to flirt
Tulips dressed in many a color
Breezes swirling 
Each floral skirt

Tulips, brazen painted hussies, 
Part their bright lips trying to seduce
The busy buzzing bees
Far too bold for dainty tussies
Vibrant Tulip flowers produce
Visions certain to please 

Mary Havran


  1. Aw, I love that poem! And you're right, Spring is the Shizzle! I'm a "clean slate" kind of girl, so this post really appealed to my "fresh start" approach to life. Thanks!!!

    1. Andi Roo, you're one of my favorite bloggers. You have a great attitude towards life and thank you for commenting!

  2. Awww... Tulipa Tarda! I have the very same at home... They are soooo pretty when they are fully open like that! But, in order to see them in that state, one really has to "seize the moment", you know, for they don't stay open very long.

    That's precisely why they would be called "Tarda", by the way. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because they are late to bloom in the season, but because they’re really slow to “start” in the morning and like to “go to bed” early! So if you want to see them fully open, you just have to be there when the time is right and the sun is way up in the sky! Unfortunately, I don't get to see them in all their glory all that often.

    So thank you for sharing that beautiful picture, it sort of made me realize what I’m missing out on... It also reminds me of this song, which I find, in a way, is very much in line with your poem. I think the 2 of them complement each other very well!

    Here’s to Spring, new beginnings and seizing the moment!

  3. You must be a horticulturalist, so informative and insightful about one of the worlds most mysterious plants. Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" is a classic. Such a weird song but somehow it all makes sense (only Tiny Tim could pull that off). Thank you for commenting. Here's to new beginnings and seizing the moment! ;-)

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