Saturday, June 9, 2012

Entertainment Industry Profits, The Future Of Television And You

Is it me or is television getting interesting again? Like most people these days, I'm paying a fortune for cable and have a DVR system that I use to capture my favorite shows and take a look at anything interesting but don't have the time to watch (like the Miss USA Pageant, thanks Donald Trump).
New studies show that Television Is Trouncing Film at Major Media Companies and this trend will continue as "the living room" has now transformed into "the media room" that integrate multimedia content from games, film/television and the internet world (which includes social media). What this also means is that producers are making content worth watching. When people watch TV, advertisers and the production companies make profits (its just that simple).
As consumers, we have voracious appetites for entertainment and  compelling content, it doesn't matter where we get it, as long as we kill the hunger. Been to CostCo or Best Buy lately? It's not so easy to choose what the best TV to buy because things are about to change very soon in how we "consume" our media and the TV you buy can make all the difference (but I'll save that for the TV tech geeks in the blogosphere to answer).Don't take my word for it, The Wrap did an incredible job with a breakdown and slideshow of the numbers that media companies are making in comparison to the film industry.Has your television viewing habits changed because of social media and the internet? How are you integrating and sharing the media you watch online? What kinds of media devices (tablets, smartphone, laptops) are you using to watch content over the internet?These are the kinds of questions advertisers are asking, yet we ask this very fundamental question.What will the "future" look like? You may not know what the future looks like but there are many people working hard to bring you... The Future Of Television

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