Monday, December 31, 2012

How To Be #GangnamStyle in 2013 (w/o the wacky video)

There's no doubt that 2012 has been one crazy ride. In those 352 days, there are two words that surprisingly captured global attention.


When it comes to being a viral virtuoso, there's no doubt that Psy owned Youtube. The big question that everybody is wondering about is the psychology behind viral video like this and how can this formula be reproduced?

Personally, I think Psy and the crew shooting the video had no idea this would be a global revolution. Anonymity actually helped this video gain global momentum because most people like sharing new content that is unknown. Had this been done by a well known celebrity, it would have been another YouTube footnote in 2012.

Good thing is that there are people studying the how's and why's of such phenomenom. It may be a while before another Psy comes along and capture our attention like he did in 2012 but what is amazing is that he broke the 1 billion hits on Youtube.

Now that's Gangnam Style!!!

You may not be an entertainer but there is a lot you can gain from understanding what makes people view your content and creating content that people want to share.

Psy Defeats Bieber: Gangnam Style Takes Best in Show for Most Viral Video of All Time! #Viral Marketing

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