Friday, December 21, 2012

The Future Of....Browsing

In a galaxy not so far away [aka The Milky Way galaxy], the Internet was created. With the creation of this information superhighway, there needed to be a way to organize and monetize the online browser experience.

In many ways, the internet proves that, "It's A Small World Afterall but with all the good things that the internet brings, came conflict. Some have called this The Great Internet Browser Wars. Even using the term browsing is somewhat antiquated to the Pre-Mobile Era and we think of a much simpler time in how we got information.

Fast forward to a new millennium [and to the future of browsing].

Apple Corporation debuted the iPhone 3G and the word "app" was used to describe applets [small applications] that would run on your mobile devices. In 2009, Apple ran a commercial titled, "There's An App For That" and the rest is history.

What is browsing today? Not so long ago was a mundane desktop activity and now has morphed into a uninhibited mobile [phone/tablet] experience where the app is the browser. Every year comes new technological breakthrough and the browsing experience is only limited by your imagination.

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  1. Very cool for the mobility factor and the layer thing. I am always interested in these things. To me it is another glimpse into what is probably the infinite. Thanks!