Sunday, December 16, 2012

How [Google] Analytical Are You?

Have you ever wondered how your web page or online business interacts with real customers? Thanks to Google, they're going to show us examples of poor web design and digital marketing -- in real life.

In these short Youtube videos, Google Analytics makes recommendations on how to improve the online customer experience.

Before we get to the videos, you might ask the question, "What Is Analytics"? In short, analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. We've all seen an infographic or two, this is a good use of analytics through data visualization to communicate various activities, usually some type of online activity.

Like all things analytical, there are two sides [in some cases more]. In this case, analytics uses descriptive and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from online data. With this valuable knowledge, analytics uses this insight to guide action or recommend decision making processes. 

   Ultimately, these are humorous representations of real world scenarios that parody     the reality of many online sites. Many question the validity of analytics as just        another marketing tool to get you to buy into their site optimization programs. Sites represent people and there is no one program that can answer all your online needs since every site is different and customer data is varied based on endless scenarios.   

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