Thursday, December 13, 2012

In The Spirit Of The Holidays: Eat Local, Not Global


In many countries, this is a time of the year, we can all come together in celebration with friends, family and coworkers. Like many people, I've been extremely concerned about the quality of the food I consume and where it originates.

I'm no food expert [I'm seriously off the beaten path of what I usually post about] but I wanted to share some interesting facts about this emerging global trend in food.

It was once thought that we live in a land of endless bounty but yet farming and buying local food products is on the decrease. What you see on TV and the reality of things are very different. Even though this short film focuses on Canada, this is a growing trend in North America. Fair trade and exposure to food products from other cultures promotes international food diversity and prosperity to regions in need of economic uplifting.

Wherever you may reside on this planet, I wish you a wonderful holiday! When you go out to buy food or gifts this season, support your community and local businesses. The good stuff is closer than you think.

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