Sunday, February 3, 2013

76% Of People Think #Advertising Is Exaggerated: Then Why Do We Like It So Much?

Instead of Super Bowl Sunday, today should be called The Most Expensive Day Of The Year In TV Advertising. If you saw the numbers on how much money is generated through advertising and related business for Super Bowl Sunday, you might wonder how is it that we're in this so-called recession.

I've seen the ads and they're all great but I think Mercedes really nailed it with this ad because it goes into the psyche of what we're all trying to achieve, one way or another. I won't give away the punchline of the ad because the beauty in advertising is that everyone will take away something slightly different from the ad.

With that being said...

Go [whatever team you're rooting for!] and may the best [advertiser] team win!


  1. To answer your question, I believe it's because of the lack of real relationships we are building in today's society.
    We created a material culture where buying is 'cool'.
    In addition, adverts are very persuasive.
    They spend millions to make sure every word is speaking to us at some level, whether we realize it or not :(

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I agree, we have become less engaged on a personal level yet here we are engaging online with efficient social media tools of a modern society.

    Nonetheless, advertising is an essential part of global commerce. Ultimately, its up to the consumer to gain product awareness and educate themselves on how their money is best spent.

  3. Agree with both comments here. And I love the ad! Mercedez did a superb job (of course, they have the money to do that!) and you know why I think it's so good? Because it made me laugh!

    Yes, with humor you can sell anything, even a Mercedez, LOL!

    1. Claude,

      MB hit this one out of the park...

      #Superbranding: Hyundai, Benz Register Strong Postgame Impressions

  4. Thank you for commenting Claude. Funny thing is laughter is subjective too. Some people see funny while others are turned off. Truly dynamic marketer know that fine line to reach a wider audience regardless of the demographic.

    I believe this quote from Erma Bombeck says it all.

    “There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.”
    ― Erma Bombeck

  5. I think ads are like gossip. We know not to trust the content of gossips and that "loose lips sink ships" but while we don't openly admit it, we like to gossip, we like to listen to gossip, and we spread gossip around.

    Some advertising doesn't hurt. The problem is if ALL we do is advertise. I mean, if all we do is gossip, what'd that do to what people think of us?

    1. Appreciate your comment Ghani. I agree, ads are like gossip but everybody likes a little gossip now then, right? :-)