Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is Your Website Mobilized? Don't worry, GoMo Is Here!

Seems like every 3 months or so there's a new technology or strategy that you must implement if you have a blog or website to stay ahead of the pack.

Now that we know mobile web is not a fad and here to stay, you might want to think about how your site looks on mobile devices.

For most, this is the last thing on your mind but it's probably time to start making it a priority. Unless you want to be that person with an outdated site not optimized for mobile web [not cool].

Probably didn't know that there's a site from Google called GOMO, to provide answers and assist in this process of mobile website optimization.

Mobile website development is an enormous industry that has created quite a few "professionals" who can assist in migrating your website to various mobile platforms on the interweb. That can be costly and time consuming both of which most of us can do without.

Wherever you are in this process, GOMO is a great resource to evaluate your site and get you up-to-speed on mobile web optimization.

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