Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Future Of #Mobile: What's The Big Deal?

No doubt you've heard that 2013 is going to be the Year Of Mobile [if you're in China, it's already The Year Of The Snake]. 

Jokes aside, some say that this is going to be the year that everything you knew about mobile in the past is haberdashery and we're entering into a mobile lifestyle generation.

Mobile is an interesting business because its small enough for the little guys [like you and me] to be real players in the game and big enough for the tech heavy weights to realize there are consumers willing to buy credible apps.

In this town [market], there is room enough for everyone [OK Coral-like shootout avoided].

The industry really didn't start to realize the power of mobile until Angry Birds became a household word. Not until highly animated little birds with special powers came crashing into the homes of egg stealing green pigs did we realize there might be something to this mobile thing.

So what's the big deal? Why all the fanfare and #thenextbigthing talk?

Let you in on a HUGE secret, you the consumer is #thenextbigthing in mobile because without subscribers and account activation, there is not future of mobile. So the big deal is that there's a new market being driven by consumers insatiable appetite for anything mobile and the market [device manufacturers] is very excited about this.

Not to say desktop is dead but mobile devices are outpacing laptop and desktop sales by a mile and the gap is getting wider. How has mobile changed your lifestyle/business/interpersonal relationships? What get's you excited about the future of mobility?

One thing we can agree on, there is no turning back, we are the future of mobile and we [the developer, the consumer or marketer] can determine the future of this truly amazing industry.

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