Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Science Of Productivity: How To Turn Dreams Into Reality

This is a topic that is very close to my heart because I always find myself dreaming about my next adventure. Even when I was a "wee thing", I vividly remembered my dreams, thoughts and desires. Dreams were a portal to a better place, person or thing. It allowed me to be uninhibited, limitless and mostly outrageous.

The question to ask yourself is, "How do you turn dreams into reality"? Its very easy to answer this question. Believe in your dreams. 

There was a time when I slept on a friends couch for a year [thanks friend, you know who you are!] and I never complained once about how uncomfortable it was because it was were I needed to be at that time. At the time, I was looking for work and things weren't necessarily going "my way". The beauty in that time is that it allowed me to dream and strive for a better day.

Many nights on that couch, I would dream of having a view that would motivate me every time I came home.  I didn't know how I'd get there but I knew I wanted to be in a better place for myself. Subconsciously, little did I know I was cementing my own reality.

[insert time machine here]

I went from sleeping on a Italian leather Natuzzi couch, to my own place with one of the best views in Seattle. The point of this story is not to boast about my opportunity but to pay attention to your dreams and allow yourself to believe in the improbable.

Tomorrow is Oscar night and one thing I learned from watching award shows is to give thanks to those that helped you achieve those far flung dreams that everybody thought was so outrageous. You can never have success in your life without the unabashed assistance of others who believe in your dreams or vision.

Dreams don't just happen, you have to find a path of least resistance. The truth is, if two hikers saw the same hill and left separately, each would chose a different path based on many variables but most would chose routes based on skill set and physical attributes. People chose their paths based on their abilities and potential.

Find your own path and create strategies that can assist you in making the most of your time. In other words, be productive, it doesn't always mean being behind a computer and keyboard. Productivity is not doing busy work, its a state of mind.

Your best work and most productive is done when no one else is around. In this time, you'll have the solitude only persons in "confinement" can relate to, they know what its like to confront their own reality. You might be facing uncertainty or some personal/professional crisis, visualize a solution that not only benefits you but can help others in the process.

Keep this in mind when you're facing your next challenge or dream unfulfilled.


  1. Thanks for this motivational post! It is always good to be reminded that we gotta fight for what we want in life.

  2. Hi FeetFromShore,

    Thank you for the kind words because every piece of feedback is valuable.

    This really came from the heart.

    You have an incredible site and I can feel your passion for adventure.

    Good luck and I'll be sure to follow your journey on Twitter.

    Also, join my tribe on Triberr, it's a great blog amplification site with a great community.