Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is #Mobile Really Changing How We Do Business?

One thing we can definitely say about 2013 is that anything mobile is RED H-O-T but where's the "killer app"? Where's the life changing application we all must have to project ourselves into a parallel universe of mobility?

There's no mistaking that mobile devices are here and they are changing how we do business but statistics suggest that even though people love their mobile phones, they still prefer their desktops for other activities.

Some prefer not to make major purchases on Amazon or other online sites through their phones [yet feel more comfortable performing this task on a tablet or desktop, why is that?].

Here's a prediction, the eWallet will be accepted by consumers this year and emerge as the Killer App of 2013. Your smartphone or tablet will be the new ATM [in the palm of your hands] and online heavyweights like Paypal will transform into major financial institutions competing with the likes of Chase Bank as they capture fees through online mobile transactions.

A brave new mobile economy will emerge, cash as we know it will become less relevant as we move into a cash-free society. If some had it had their way, the future might look something like this...

Mobile is changing business, are yours ready?

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