Sunday, March 10, 2013

Are You Happy To See Me Or Is That An Ad In Your Pocket?

If you haven't seen Wayne's World with Mike Meyers, you've truly missed out on one of the funniest movies ever created. Meyer's has a knack for exposing the obvious and subverting the blatant. In the frame to your left, he pitches a Pepsi, among other things [classic movie moment]. Meyer's highlights in the movie that "time's are a changin" and that product placement will become the new advertising of tomorrow.

 There was a time when product placement was a subtle and in some cases accidental art form in the film making process. Often, products were introduced into the movie as a valuable part of storytelling to highlight character development. Now, we see the product "placed" in the story as the central character, to bring emphasis to the story itself. There are times when this works based on the type of movie being created but often its overused and takes away from the creative process.

Most people don't mind product placement and depending on the film [James Bond, Transformers, Mission Impossible] look forward to seeing what products will be placed in the film. Product placement has grown up and is now an essential branding component of the film and TV content creation process. In the not too distant future, CDN's [Content Delivery Networks] like YouTube and blogs will play a bigger part in how products will be seen and heard over the internet.

That's why the ONLY browser I use is Google Chrome. With Chrome and the power of Google Search, the  entire internet is at my fingertips. Going out to eat and don't know the exact address, its easy with Google Maps.

See where this is going?

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