Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#ContentCreators, Writer And #WebProducer: Submit Your Projects To CVD! [This Is Your Big Break!]

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It's not often that you get approached by your peers [especially overseas] to come together to harvest ideas and make your dream of bringing your script to life in what some would call "the new silver screen".

Who is the producer today? What do they look like? Where do they come from?' What do content creators really do? To answer your question, they come from all walks of life but there is one thing they share. They all have a burning passion for writing and bring characters to life from script-to-screen.

In today's market, there are many way to get your script from silver screen [theaters], the small screen [television] and now the "second screen" [mobile devices]. You've had this concept for a while, you've written a treatment but you're really not getting any traction in the market.

The script is good but contacts in the industry are few [social media can take you only so far]. Most people think that if you're in the business, you can just pick up the line and get a deal because you know someone or you might have a little traction but the game doesn't end there, even professionals in the business have to pitch ideas.

This is where attending a conference like Cross Video Days really comes in handy [doesn't hurt that it's held in Paris either]. Many people attend conferences but don't know how to maximize the resources, wealth of knowledge and benefits of the presence of major player in the industry [in short, people who can get your project off the ground].

Yes, another "panel of experts" video but a real gold mine for those who are looking to gain valuable knowledge by attending the many workshops and "meet and greet" opportunities over the course of the event.

Create A Successful Transmedia Project (Write, Produce, Buzz)

Cross Video Days is looking for innovative digital content such as short programs, webdoc, webfiction, webseries, webTV, socialTV, ARG, transmedia projects.

Before reading further, let's get some things out of the way.

Cross Video Days is not exclusively for branded content professionals only [even though many will be there].

CVD is for people serious about getting their project into the hands of the many content partners who will be attending this incredible event! This is an international event with people coming from all over the globe to attend to pitch ideas and search for people writer/producers like YOU.

It only happens once a year and Paris in early summer is definitely one of those bucket list items [if you know what I mean].

If you are a writer, producer, screenwriter, transmedia strategist or any combination of the above. Stop what you're doing. Call your friend, wife, partner or nearest relative tell them what you're about to do. Register for the event. Go to Expedia, PriceLine, Or Orbitz. Book your flight and hotel. Revise your script and pitch.

It's a unique opportunity to get seen, financed, (co)produced and distributed!

Submit your project by  April,11 2013 :

Free submission!!!

Contact : market[a]
Twitter: @crossvideodays


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