Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why Videos [Or Anything For That Matter] Go #Viral?

Why does everyone want to be famous? Literally, anyone can become an instant sensation without even trying. Today, being famous means going viral. Based on the topic, its interesting that its been barely seen by the online "play makers" of the world.

Here's someone you probably never heard of.

Anyone that matters and cares about this kind of stuff, meet Kevin Allocca.

Kevin [aka @shockallocca] is "The" Trend Meister at Youtube. To put it simply, he knows a thing or two about how videos go viral.

If he knew why videos go viral, he might be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Going viral is unexpected, uncanny and most of the time, surprising for both content creator and viewer. In his presentation, Mark lays down the groundwork or anatomy of how videos go viral.

This TED Talk video came out when Rebecca Black's Friday was the talk of the town [or should I say...planet]? Since that time, many things have gone explosively "viral".

Should I say it?

GANGNAM STYLE!!! [with a jaw dropping 1.4 billion views!]

If you are a content creator, artist or performer, one thing you can surmise from this presentation is:

Be creative.

Be yourself.

Have fun.

Sounds easy but it's not...go outside of these parameters, you might miss your real audience.

The video below is an addendum to this blog post. Being creative is easy in theory, its what people think of you and your work, that get's in the way of the creative process, 100% of the time.


  1. Some nice messages thanks for sharing watching YouTube videos professionally is great. I like the Rebel Mouse thing too, well done.

    Thank you.

  2. Coming from you Jim Bob, means a lot to me because [little do you know] I read almost all of your posts through Triberr when I can.

    Your outlandish humor, comprehensive understanding of very complex topics and truthfully speaking your mind on subjects without abandon [it's rare].

    Yet, you remain tactfully tasteful in your analysis.

    Not easily done.

    Thank you for your comment, positive feedback and for just being YOU.

    Best regards,