Monday, April 22, 2013

Did You Know AT&T Predicted Future Technologies in 1993?

I was in college in the 90's [Go Husky's!] and I vividly remember watching AT&T telling me how cool the future will be in commercials they ran.

At that time, I was using Windows 3.11 and was thrilled with just sending email and surfing the internet. 

Looking back, the early 90's was a very exciting time in enterprise computing and what technology may bring.

Let's fast forward to today and meet Youtube technology commentator/video producer, Marques Brownlee. I recently saw this video and was amazed that Marques was able to connect the message in an AT&T commercial from 1993 to the present.

As someone working in technology, I know that it takes time for technology to come to fruition. This video shows how long it took for ideas to come to market even though we expect this to shorten in the years to come.

Kudos to you Marques for having a keen eye, it'll be interesting to see this video in 20 years and the changes in technology from this time moving forward.

See you then!!!  ;-/)

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