Friday, April 19, 2013

#Storytelling Is Not Just For Campfires

There seems to be this notion that if you're a storyteller, you need a campfire, maybe a guitar or better yet, a crowd of mesmerized people hanging on to your every word. The truth is, we are all storytellers in our own right and how we tell stories in our personal and professional is how we develop as an individual.

Yes, there are many ways to tell stories, but why we tell stories is as varied as the nature of the stories being told. Some to entertain, others to analogize and find parallels in our own world. The most common form of storytelling is the campfire cautionary tale most of us experienced when we went camping for the first time were we were introduced to some scary woodland myth.

Reality is the art of storytelling is becoming more pervasive everyday as content creation is becoming out of the shadows. Producers, songwriters and filmmakers learn about storytelling very early in their careers. The most successful are the ones who can tell stories that we all can relate to, regardless of their origin.

The video below is the first of a multi-part series that introduces you to the fundamentals of storytelling and can be applied to any form content creation your hearts desire.

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