Monday, June 3, 2013

Entertainment Is A Growth Industry

In a previous blog post titled, "I Like Trends", I wrote about how trends can provide an insight into other cultures. Seems like I wasn't too far off the mark because Edelman has published data to support that theory. For example, in countries like United States and UK,  televisions are still the primary vector [device] users get their entertainment [content] but in countries like China and India, second screen mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones have become the primary vector.

Recently, I just got my first "smart tv" and what I found is that my viewing habits have changed significantly. Now, I shop for what I want to watch versus seeing "what's on TV"? Also, I like to see the suggestions from Netflix based on what I've watched previously. In addition, I watch much more international content because it gives me a richer experience and I feel like I've actually come closer to world I live in.

To take things a step further, let's look at the hard numbers to see what trends [in entertainment] are happening on the global front.

In conclusion, with this infographic, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that entertainment on a global scale is being consumed with veracity. Political borders no longer hold back compelling content to be shared on an international scale. Previously, content creators were stuck thinking their content could only be seen locally, regionally and if they were really lucky, internationally.

In the new millenium, to be seen or heard globally is the new norm and most likely on a second screen device.

2013 Edelman Global Entertainment Survey: Entertainment Goes Global

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