Thursday, June 27, 2013

Like It Or Not. The New Reality Will Be Augmented.

Even though mobile devices have been around for over a decade now, it's safe to say that we are still in our mobile infancy. In the mobile industry, there aren't many technological threads shared by all devices. Matter of fact, the services on your mobile device vary widely depending on which carrier you've chosen to subscribe to.

As we move into Mobile 2.0, augmented reality is coming to fruition as the hardware and software are coming online together to create dynamic mobile experiences. Product managers, marketers and developers will begin to learn how to brand and connect with their target audience utilizing this 21st century technology.

Augmented reality is very much in play on sports television and other forms of entertainment. In American football, when "the line of scrimmage" is highlighted on the field [typically in yellow] to show how many yards to go before a first down, this is a passive use of augmented reality to enhance the sports experience for viewers watching via the broadcast

Recently, there's been a lot media buzz around Google Glass but mainly around the issues of privacy and very little on how it will be the first augmented reality device on the market. I have no doubt, that Google Glass will be a major step towards a more vibrant augmented reality where you will be able to see product branding, advertising and other useful information in real time.

Enough pondering, let's take a giant leap forward and see what awaits us, in the future of augmented reality.

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