Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Is #Branding

You often hearing the word branding used by everyone from marketing executives to pop stars but what does branding really mean and how can you apply it to your business or personal ambitions? Maybe this short video can help you understand what "branding" really means in the world we live in today.

Even wonder why certain companies use the colors they use? Most of it is to make a branding statement or affect the way they are being perceived by clients and potential customers. We've come a long way from using primary colors to evoke certain emotions in controlled environments. Anytime you go into a department store or any major business establishment, color is being used to evoke a certain [hopefully positive] branding experience.



  1. Very informative post! There is a lot of information here.

  2. First of all, love your name, very creative and thank you for commenting! I agree, lots of good information if you know how to interpret what your reading. Good to know someone is actually, "getting it". ;-)