Friday, July 26, 2013

The #MobileWeb: Predictions And #Trends For 2014

Predictions are interesting because rarely do they come the way they are predicted. For example, who would have predicted that Google would change the online multi screen content game with a $35 dollar device called Chrome cast?

This reverts back to my previous post titled, "Where Do Good Ideas Come From"? It's clear that Google is doing something right because they seem to keep revolutionizing not only in the search space but now in an industry it has very little experience. You don't need to have tons of experience in a particular area to make significant change in an industry.

Sometimes, change happen in such a revolutionary way that it reroutes an entire industry in a way they never intended. Most of the time, this is positive because it inspires creativity and innovation.

There was a time [not long ago] when people used flip phones [like the Motorola Razr, loved that phone] and even though it was revolutionary at the time, times were changing [fast]. Who would have thought that Apple would change the way we integrate our online world, mobile web and productivity with a smart phone [it literally fell from the sky so it seemed and changed the planet]?

As we continue our frenzied pace in technological innovation, no doubt other revolutionary changes will happen in how we use the mobile web. Many thought Apple's Siri  might be that tool to change how we request and interact on the mobile web but its clear that innovation is spontaneous and predicting trends is at best, a "good guess".

That was a look at how the mobile web will continue to grow at exponential rates [hasn't stopped yet]. Knowing what we know now, let's take a look 2014 predictions through an infographic approach. We've come from just wanting to have a decent experience on the mobile web to having full fledged secure e-commerce. That's progress!
Predictions for Mobile Ecommerce 2014

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