Saturday, August 17, 2013

@CausePub: Uniting #Storytellers For A Common Cause

Alan Moore [Author of V For Vendetta] wrote, "Artists Use Lies To Tell The Truth. Yes, I Created A Lie. But Because You Believed It, You Found Something True About Yourself". You've heard it many times before, doesn't matter if you're a writer, producer, singer or illustrator, we're all storytellers but how do you get your story told?

There's a new crowd source start up for storytellers to help you get published but in that process you can help others. I have no doubt that crowd sourcing will continue to be the way things get funded because it takes the guess work out of projects because the people have spoken [with walk and not just talk].

So if you're an aspiring author, writer, producer, screenwriter or even photographer. Consider different methods of being heard while at the same time increasing your network and reach with like minded individuals.

Do something for a just cause.

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