Monday, August 19, 2013

#Failure And The Rules For #Success

If you're like most people, failure is not something you look forward to. Matter of fact, the only time we think of our failures is when we're forced to ponder those painful moments in the past and relive a not-so-great-moment in our history.

It is in our nature [as humans] to abhor failure and continually strive for success [whatever success means to you]. This simple concept is the backbone to the continuous progress of humanity.

Its been said that failure leads to success but I'm not so sure about that? If you've read anything on the topic of success, some say, "winning is a habit" and others "prolonged failure inevitably leads to success".

In my opinion, both philosophies apply because life happens and being prepared for the unexpected is what determines your failure or success. Creativity, flexibility and adaptability is necessary in life in order to navigate variables in our constantly changing world, which can lead to failure or success.

I've often used Steve Jobs videos in my posts because his life story represents both the worst in failure and best in success! In this short segment, Steve explains his take on the rules for success.

In most cases, failure means we failed to nurture a relationship in our lives, be it personal or professional and the key is to not repeat those same self-defeating habits that caused us or someone else pain. The hard part is identifying/recognizing your faults and having the will or desire to not repeat the cycle.

The best way to turn a failure into success is to not have a fear of failure or success. That may sound simple but investing in yourself with positive change is where you start. In our own minds, we know the issues that prevent us from succeeding, that's no secret. The hard part is consistently confronting your issues to where you learn to overcome what was once a failure and is now an overwhelming success.

In conclusion to this post, I wanted to bring things down-to-earth a bit and show you a story of a person who went through shocking failure and eventually found their way to achieve success. Recently, The LA Times did a story on a freshman college student by the name of Kashawn Campbell titled, "South LA student find a different world at Cal". In short, he didn't grow up in Bel-Air and he was not necessarily a fresh prince on campus but he did eventually find his on brand of success.

If they can do can you!

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