Saturday, August 24, 2013

#ContentCreation: Growing Your #YouTube Audience Is Hard

It's hard to fathom what it was like to get content on the airwaves back in the last millennium [19th century for those not familiar with that terminology].

Man went to the moon [it was televised] and the world was glued to their television sets [that's what they called them back then] as we watched in astonishment of mankind's lunar achievement.

The reality was that it was the biggest thing going on TV at the time [besides the Vietnam War]. In between that time and now, very few things have captured the world's imagination. The 70's and 80's were growing years for television and content was controlled by the major networks [ABC/NBC/CBS]. It was sitcom heaven, from All In the Family to CHIPS to Diff'Rent Strokes

Producers in New York and Los Angeles controlled the content you saw and you the viewer knew your place in time.

Prime was "Must See TV" on NBC.

Moving into the digital age and with the introduction of the Internet in the 90's, there was very little fanfare of its arrival. To compound this fact, the beta version of Windows 95 [code named Chicago] didn't even have a browser embedded in the OS. Eventually, it was embedded but was located in Accessories with Notepad [no where close to the desktop].

Clearly, Microsoft saw the Internet as an afterthought but ATandT seemed to have a different idea. BIG THINGS were coming down their information superhighway and you would be fascinated by all the technological goodness coming in the near future.

Not only do we have access to those technologies today but we have them in the palm of our hands at any given time. With the emergence of googols of Internet bandwidth, viral video is taking the place of antiquated 90's style content. The race has begun, the need for more content is staggering.

[fast forward to the present]

User generated content creation is the vernacular of day and YouTube is fuel by YOU. Who would have thought that YOU would be the new producers of the best content on the planet and a guy named Psy [remember him...the horse gallop guy?] would be the biggest global hit as we know it. A quirky 2-bit d-listed South Korean entertainer who had numerous failed albums but when he released Gangnam Style on YouTube, the rest is global viral video history.

If you have a YouTube channel or plan on starting one soon, its not just a matter of posting a video and watching the numbers grow like a ticker tape. There are many factors involved in achieving a satisfactory outcome you can feel proud of based on your objectives.

The key to growing your YouTube channel is through consistency much like writing a blog. It also helps when you have authenticated tools or organizations that specialize in helping you get your content out to your audience.

Growing your YouTube audience is hard but working with great people on a project you're passionate about is much more valuable than trying to achieve video hits. It's like the tortoise and the hare story, its just better to take things a little slower, learn the craft and you will be the winner in the end.

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