Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#DigitalMarketing: From Ad Men To Math Men


A science most people know very little about but realize that its effects  are powerful in how they make decisions in their purchasing power. Every time we click a button or query a search engine, there are algorithms going to work to provide the best result based on keywords and known profile history.

Recently, there have been questions of your privacy online and thanks to Edwards Snowden, he pretty much confirmed that we don't have any privacy anymore. As scary as that may seem, it's better knowing eventually than having not known at all. When we go to social media sites, use search engines and other socially networked platforms, you are being calibrated and analyzed. What type of person you, what kinds of sites do you visit, what you like or dislike?

That leads to digital marketing.

Early in the Internet years, there were "experts" in digital marketing and they told you how you can find YOUR customers and how to capture an audience. That was then but now YOU are the digital marketer and YOU have the expertise, research and know how to compete with Global 500 corporations.

In today's modern world, the odds are swinging back in your favor. You have internet power tools at your fingertips that can give you the same expertise, knowhow and prowess, that so called experts and gurus use to find success in the digital playground.

Today, all it takes is interest, motivation and willpower to explore the world with just a few clicks. This video segment is longer than I usually post but the knowledge and expertise you'll gain in 15 minutes is worth it.    

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