Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Marketing 101 [According To Google]

Most people think they know a thing or two about marketing. Yet, when you start to dig beyond the surface, the subject matter can get extremely complex, with terminology and abbreviations we hear in the lexicon but are clueless to its true meaning.

Marketing is an exact science but online marketing is still relatively new and continues to evolve rapidly but being able to apply key fundamental marketing principles and track your campaign successfully is another story.

First, understanding the basics of online marketing is critical if you have a blog, own a business or have any product/service in the marketplace. Second, knowing what steps to take and how to apply these principles are key to any successful campaign.

Google has done an amazing job at making the complex world of online marketing a lot easier to comprehend by making short but concise videos to help their customers understand and navigate this virtual labyrinth [of course, done the Google way].