Sunday, November 3, 2013

Are Online Marketers Missing The Mark?

It's Fall 2013. We're on the cusp of the most important time of the year for most [if not all] major retailers. Some say this upcoming holiday season will be the beginning of the most significant shift in how consumers shop and find products on the Internet.

Each year we look back, see how trends have changed and attempted to predict the mind of the consumer. Reality is, its not in how the consumer shops but how marketers reach their target audience.

Consumers are fickle and trends happen at the speed of light. Maybe its not, are marketers missing the mark but is the data being interpreted correctly? As we attempt to understand marketing trends online, its safe to say that the only way to reach that audience is through the audience telling us more about their needs, wants and desires.

Which leads to privacy issues and other questions of how much data is too much data?

There's no doubt that uncertainty is in the air. Retailer and consumer confidence is pensive at best. Mobile is leveling off. Social media is still highly effective but marketers are looking to social media platform API's to create new ways for consumer engagement using existing technologies [this takes time and lots of research].

The question to ask yourself, "how are you spending your money looking forward into 2014 and do marketers speak my language?"

Video is [and will always be] where the action is. If content creators can create compelling video for their consumers on mobile, social media platforms and other second screen devices. Undeniably, this is where marketers will see significant growth and brand awareness for consumers.

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