Sunday, November 3, 2013

#TPP: The Biggest Threat To The Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of...

In the digital world, every year there's a new threat to your privacy, health care or right as a citizen of the planet. SOPA was the villain of 2012 and was defeated but not with ease.

There's a new threat on the table and you've probably never heard about it. This new threat is TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership [sounds harmless].

TPP doesn't have the ring that SOPA had so its probably not catching the buzz it should have. Nonetheless, the threat is equal if not greater because of its dynamic legislation.

As we move in this new millennium, there is no doubt that big corporations will lobby and influence legislation in their favor [nothing new there] to create laws that are favorable to their bottom line [and investors]

All corporations are not evil empires. If it weren't for many, our country and our economy would be in shambles. However, as global citizens, its important that we're informed and participate in the democratic process.

            Why Should You Care About The TPP?

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