Thursday, November 7, 2013

Television Of Tomorrow [Featuring #TexAvery]

There are 3 inventions that changed the world in the 20th century and is still evolving at an alarming speed.

1. The Automobile
2. The Telephone
3. The Television

Entertainment has been around as long as humanity was able to communicate a story effectively through storytelling.

You may never have heard of him but you likely have seen one of his classic cartoons. Tex Avery was a futurist, pioneering cartoonist, and expert in human behavior. The directors of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was heavily influenced by Tex Avery's style of animation.

The western world has always loved technology [and television]. Tex was one of the first to highlight America's fascination with television and how television influenced usAs our society grew, the television kept pace and during days of unrest, kept us in touch with a changing world.

Like TV, 2nd screen experiences will evolve, giving marketers a glimpse of the future of how consumers will attach to emerging content delivery networks [CDN].

In the modern world of the future, television will rival 2nd screens to be the primary source of news, information and entertainment for consumers. With this in mind, technologies will evolve and marketers will experiment with ideas for...

                      Television Of Tomorrow

What's uncanny about watching this animated short is that Tex Avery wasn't that far off from what the television of tomorrow would look like yesterday.

Fast forward to a new millenium.

Tomorrow IS today.

Samsung wants to bring you the future of smart tv and its never looked better [on a flat screen].

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