Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Evolution Of Man

Recently, there was a picture on the internet of an American TV host and hunter [Melissa Bachman], posing with an male lion she'd shot while on a "canned hunt" in South Africa.

Its not that these type of photos have not been seen before but this particular photo is uncanny. It seemed so out of place in a modern world, from a distant past, antiquated.

Do we really need to sport hunt one of the few remaining apex predators on the planet today?

The good thing about the photo is that the world is talking again and the future of big cats [lions in particular] is being discussed on a world stage. Humanity has had a love/hate relationship with the animals we share on this planet. We love them for providing us with food but we hate them when they get in the way of our insatiable need to expand and dominate our habitat/environment.

Will we ever learn to find some way to share the planet with plants and animals that were here long before we were ever conceived?

Is this the continuing evolution of man?

    Did you know the African Lion IS NOT on the endangered species list? 


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