Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mobile Holiday 2013 Has Begun [Trends And Engagement]

To the surprise of everyone, Jack Frost arrived in Seattle [on Monday] and he brought winter with him.

With winter comes the launch of the holidays [in the states]. In addition to unseasonably cold weather comes the holiday spirit.

People laughing with friends and typing away on their mobiles. Men, women and children looking at the displays in the window as they pass by their favorite retailer.

The question everyone's asking is, "what's the buzz for the holidays"?

Has mobile and tech lost its fizzle? Have Apple and Samsung released a device too many this year for us to care?

Too early to say but one thing we can all assume is that this year will be a banner year for mobile apps. Mobile apps will play a bigger role this year than ever before because the technology has caught up with consumer demand.

The playing field is even and most people have some sort of smart phone that is capable of downloading an app on windows phone, iOS or Android. With the emergence of social media, sharing your experience online brings a whole new meaning to "holiday spirit".

Ultimately, the holidays are about people and not products. If retailers can create an experience that's less shopping and more "experience", maybe mobile apps will bring the fun back into holiday shopping?



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    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for viewing this post [and website]. Its interesting to how mobile has changed significantly in the almost 2 short years. Can you imagine what will be 2 years from now?