Saturday, December 14, 2013

Best Practices For #SocialMedia Success

Social media sure has grown up in the past few years. In the beginning, Facebook was a communication tool for teenagers and Twitter was for short attention spanned internet twits. Overall, the business world wasn't taking the social media thing too seriously.

Fast forward a few years and the landscape has changed...a lot!

Corporate was unsure how to engage [or brand] with their customers using social media platforms. Risk management consultants were advising companies the safest way to prevent a social media incident was to stay off of social media channels [social media abstinence].

When Fortune 500 realized it was safe to "get in the water". The flood gates opened and every communication guru, expert, specialist had the silver bullet that would solve your companies social media problem.

Nonetheless, the problem lies in how companies engage with their followers/customers/audience.

The road to social media success does not have to be lonely one. There are best practices that serve as a roadmap or guideline to build a prolific foundation to begin the cycle of engagement. Even if you've been in the social media game from the beginning, its always good to review "your" best practices and adjust accordingly.

The State Of  Social: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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